The ACME Group is a leader in the field of energy management and innovative solutions for the wireless telecommunications and alternate energy sector. It prides itself as a pioneer in the development of green technology solutions that are environment friendly, energy efficient, & cost effective and also capable of delivering a quick return on investment.

ACME Group is a result of the vision and commitment of its founder, Mr. Manoj Kumar Upadhyay. He sought to realize this goal by providing radically new technology solutions through intensive research and development instead of making incremental changes to existing technologies. The establishment of ACME Cleantech Solutions (formerly ACME Tele Power) in 2003 was the first step towards realization of this dream.

Today ACME products are installed over 1,50,000 telecom sites across the globe. ACME products help significant Carbon Emission Savings.

ACME has enabled telecom expansion to farthest as well as most interior and hitherto unconnected regions of India while reducing carbon emissions from the telecom site as well. The Company today enjoys an international presence, through its own establishments, channel partners, and associates.

ACME has been demonstrating its meticulously organized service capabilities which not only help our customers in becoming more competitive and profitable but also ensure their business continuity.

ACME is actively pursuing alternative energy initiatives in solar sector providing solutions for Photovoltaic technologies in India and expects to be at the forefront of the solar revolution in the country. ACME has a proven track record in developing, constructing and operating MW scale of power projects.

ACME Solar is committed to setting up large grid – connected solar power plants across India, with the aim to deliver continuous power across India.

The company has an existing portfolio of over 1.8 GW Solar PV Projects including 15 MW in Gujarat, 275 MW in Madhya Pradesh, 25 MW in Odisha, 30 MW in Chattisgarh, 310 MW in Andhra Pradesh, 490 MW in Telangana,  104 MW in Punjab, 50 MW in Uttarakhand, 30 MW in Uttar Pradesh, 25 MW in Bihar, 260 MW in Karnataka and 200 MW in Rajasthan. The company aims to generate 7500 MW by the year 2022.

According to India Solar Map released by BRIDGE To INDIA Consultancy Firm, ACME is set to become India’s largest solar developer.

For better energy security and uninterruptible power, we started working on Lithium based energy storage solutions from last few years and developed the capabilities to manufacture lithium batteries from cell level. Our focus is both on stationary and mobility application. In stationary application, we have already launched our products commercially; however, in mobility we are currently conducting trials for electric vehicle. The product comes with features like greater reliability, scalability, efficiency, lower weight, higher safety performance, zero carbon emissions and much wider temperature range compared to other conventional solutions. ACME has a fully integrated Manufacturing Facility for Lithium Batteries in India spread over 11 hectares which is the largest of its kind in Asia and incorporates state-of-the-art equipment and a high level of automation.

ACME’s latest breakthrough innovation, Lithium-ion Based Energy Storage Systems, known as EcoGrid ESS marks a quantum leap in bringing energy independence to Residential, Commercial and Industrial users, providing greater reliability, scalability, efficiency, lower weight, higher energy density, safety performance, zero carbon emissions and much wider temperature range compared to other conventional solutions. More information is available on www.ecogrid.in .

Capitalizing on our innovation, technology and manufacturing strengths as well as the  presence of our Service Infrastructure across the country, ACME has launched Idea Factory; a unique opportunity to take business idea from the drawing board to the market place.

Idea Factory is a brainchild of our Founder & Chairman - Mr. Manoj Kumar Upadhyay, to promote talent and encourage innovation across the country. It is a step towards our continued pursuit of excellence. We aim to add life to bright ideas by advancing entrepreneurship backed by our robust innovation lab model.

Through the initiative, ACME seeks ideas and projects which apply technologies across Energy Sector and IT space.

Idea Factory will provide opportunity to new-age innovators to showcase talent and build a robust entrepreneurial ecosystem. We believe in the spirit of collaboration and aim to advance entrepreneurship following a partnership approach.

We are confident to consistently leverage technology to introduce innovative solutions and services for a sustainable future.

Here is the website link of Idea Factory: www.acmeideafactory.in