Innovation is the backbone of ACME’s businesses. Our core philosophy is creation of path breaking comprehensive solutions rather than just products.  ACME’s success as a solution provider can be directly attributed to its ability to constantly innovate, invent and pioneer to develop solutions, processes and products that advance its clients’ growth through technology that talks to the environment. ACME’s customer focussed innovation approach backed by depth of understanding of the industry and critical business process requirements, has advanced technologies that open markets, expand opportunities and anticipate customer needs.

ACME’s engineers and staff work together to deliver state-of-the-art technology enabled products & solutions. ACME believes that unique challenges in emerging markets and sunrise industries requires the best minds to work together in order to challenge assumptions, generate ideas and deliver timely customer focussed solutions.  An integrated R&D and engineering at Gurgaon, into which 2% of revenues are invested, allows the organization the advantage of timely delivery of solutions to the market. ACME, has been awarded as many as six product patents and one process patent.