ACME has been demonstrating its meticulously organized service capabilities which not only help our customers in becoming more competitive and profitable but also ensure their business continuity.

ACME has already proven itself in a tough environment of telecom industry. Apart from Telecom, ACME Service set up with its strong corporate governance and transportable service is competent to serve newer markets to address their demanding service requirements through its core service competence.

ACME’s far & wide reach in the country with large qualified and well equipped presence across all 29 states and 6 union territories, including the difficult and remote terrains of North Eastern states, J&K and Himachal, Rajasthan and Tamil Nadu or MPCG, establishes itself as a formidable force to reckon in service domain for large and widely distributed quantum of equipment servicing and maintaining stringent SLAs for its offerings and execution of Annual Maintenance Contracts, Repairs and Upgrades. Training and skill adaptation process, maintaining large frontline service professionals as well as skill inventory creation and retention, development and engineered procurement of spare parts, management of inventory and logistics, and the efficient and ever improving interconnecting processes across all these functionalities are key to our management and maintenance methodology.

ACME prides itself with its people, processes, technology, and innovation to create value for its customers, be it through its unique Field-to-Field approach, or its scalable core competence in Supply chain, IT or HR practices backing for its service delivery on the field.

Keeping all this current with the contemporary and evolving technology helps us in being highly responsive and agile service company.

We keep our strategy aligned with our customers’ strategic objectives and devise our execution routine by converting those strategies into tasks for delivery on the field. The flexibility in developing the deliverables in alignment with different sectors’ requirements lies at the core of ACME’s service competence. The testimony to this is our success in expanding into banking sector, Metro, Solar, Buildings, as we plan to add more.

All this with an objective to reduce customer costs, improve efficiencies, improve operations, reduce customer penalties, if any and of longevity of customer assets.

ACME service strategy permeates through the fabric of strong delivery organization on a self-performing model to reach the frontline service professionals as it unfolds, to deliver service to customer satisfaction through its nodal offices across the country, controlling the decentralized local operations with spares stocking locations and Technical Repair Centers with a Service Head and his team of people at each such set up.


The enduring value that ACME Services brings for its customers, assures enhanced life of the installed products at lowest cost and sustainable peak performance.

By understanding and anticipating customer needs, ACME Services’ continuous innovative approach helps the clients with minimal investments and maximized value to not only make them more competitive and profitable but also ensure their business continuity, be it the concept of reviving the warehoused site return product due to upgraded sites, to life through, repair, upgrade capabilities to match with the site requirements or creating modular integratable kits to its installed products to save costs, from time to time.

Driving Improvement Projects- ACME’s Field-to-Field Approach

Driving improvement projects is another area of continuous creation of value by ACME services for the Safety, Security and Energy conservation of customers assets and installed environment through its knowledgeable, skilled and friendly FLSPs who round up the installed base at regular intervals. The Field-to-Field approach proposition of ACME Services encourages helping with faster improvements and quicker results.

ACME sets customers apart from their competitors with instant access to industry solutions, best-in-breed technology, assets, and frameworks. We offer proven experience and capability, a commitment to best-practice methodologies and a refreshing penchant for flexibility and customer focus. With the capability and scale to work within any environment, ACME is the ideal match for your organization’s managed service requirements.