Our Solar Portfolio

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Portfolio (MWp)

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Commissioned (MWp)

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Under Construction (MWp)

Our Solar Growth Milestones

  • FY 2019

    5500 MWp (including pipeline)

  • FY 2018

    1520 MWp

  • FY 2017

    760 MWp

  • FY 2016

    265 MWp

  • FY 2015

    75 MWp

  • FY 2014

    45 MWp

  • FY 2011

    15 MWp

Present in 12 states across India

Vision and Values

3,500 K

Household Powered by ACME Solar


3761.5 GWh

Power produced in 2020


3879.3 GWh

Target by end 2021

CMD’s Message

“Making the Green Approach profitable! ”

At ACME , our philosophy is to envision and develop technologies that not only make great economic sense in terms of acceptability, efficiencies and return on investment, but also have a lasting impact on social well-being. We firmly believe, that any technology we develop has to be socially rewarding, through augmenting and enriching the environment. We have always been pioneer in embracing new technologies, creating something which is first time, disruptive and has got a meaning beyond business expectations and profits.

Awards and Accreditations

Our Projects