All we have is one Earth. We need to preserve it for generations to come. It will take the effort of all 7 billion people on our planet to help sustain it.

At ACME, we consider it our accountability to preserve and judiciously use natural resources while reducing the environmental impact of our products and services.

Our Sustainability efforts are focused on leaving the earth cleaner and greener, and creating a balanced eco-system around our sites and neighboring villages. All of this without undermining the interest of our stakeholders and the energy landscape of the country.

ACME CSR Sustainblity

Carbon Footprint Reduction

Climate Change is one of the biggest challenges pushing the earth towards an environmental disaster. The world is already bearing the brunt of decades of unthoughtful activities in the form of harsh winters and summers and untimely rainfalls. Reducing the carbon footprint is just one of the many initiatives ACME undertakes to help the environment. Our decarbonization efforts have helped us avoid 3.5 million tons of carbon emissions in the last decade. Over 20000 tree plantations have been done in and around solar plant sites.

Water Neutrality

ACME strives to achieve water neutrality by balancing the demand and supply of water at its sites. We strive to achieve this through the rational use of water, reducing the usage and waste, and re-use as and where possible. ACME aims to become water neutral by 2025. Module cleaning is one of the key activities conducted in the solar plant. Over the years, ACME has taken various steps in reducing water consumption, by innovating and improvising the way of cleaning :

  • Driving Module Cleaning is done through the performance of a particular block
  • Use of Dry Cleaning
  • Robotic cleaning

The efforts have reduced the consumption to 0.4 liter/module/ cycle for O&M Site cleaning. We saved 29393 Kl water during our operations for the plant.

ACME CSR Sustainblity