What good is innovation if it can't bring change at the grassroots level?

With ACME Foundation, we aim to create a balanced, equitable and fair world. We work with communities and enable them with skills, will and opportunities that can help them elevate their living conditions.

ACME Foundation was started as part of the company’s CSR and sustainability program. It works in the following key areas:

ACME CSR Sustainblity

Girl Child Development

Women Empowerment efforts shouldn’t start when a woman feels she has been wronged. It starts the moment a girl child is born and in many cases even before birth. ACME Foundation believes that the first step towards a balanced world starts with empowering little girls who, with all their might, dare to speak and do what is right. Not just for them, but others similar to them.

ACME’s support ranges from providing basic infrastructure facilities like clean toilets and furniture at the schools to help the girl child continue their schooling to creating awareness about the hygienic way of life and more. We also support promising girl students in studies and sports so that they can aim higher and attain it.


Facilitating the rural education structure is an issue deep ingrained in ACME Foundation’s work ethic. The Foundation makes sure that there are enough chairs, classrooms, teachers and school supplies for the young Indians. From face-lifting schools, setting up libraries, providing school supplies for the academic session to arranging part-time teachers from cities, ACME ensures uninterrupted schooling.

ACME CSR Sustainblity
ACME CSR Sustainblity


Good health is a basic right many are deprived of. ACME regularly organizes health camps so that the rural population can undergo routine and basic checkups. Special camps are organized for women to make them aware of women health issues and how to combat them. Recently because of the pandemic, masks and sanitisers were also distributed.

Skill Development

Unemployment, seasonal and permanent, ail the rural areas. ACME believes that skill development is crucial in eradicating unemployment. It makes the community skilled to qualify for jobs and also look for self-employment opportunities. ACME regularly organizes skill development workshops for youth and women impacting livelihood. The focus is on skills that can make them employable and support their livelihood.

ACME CSR Sustainblity
ACME CSR Sustainblity

Innovation for Environment

Innovations are not limited to science labs and research centers alone. At times one finds them at the humblest of places. Trained and supported by the ACME Foundation, the youth are encouraged to apply their creativity and skills to bring forth innovative ideas that are a boon to the environment. The focus is to generate ideas that are ecofriendly and also solve daily rural life problems. It lays emphasis on innovation for ensuring environmental sustainability, ecological balance, protection of flora and fauna, animal welfare, agroforestry, conservation of natural resources and maintaining quality of soil, air and water.

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