Green Hydrogen and Ammonia

To meet the net zero emissions target, Green Hydrogen and Ammonia are crucial carbon-free fuels that will drive energy generation, heat and transport, and industry in the future. ACME Group is pioneering the usage of new sources in India and the world. ACME envisions to become a leading green energy provider in the world by 2030 and producing 10 million tons/year of Green Ammonia and Hydrogen.

Solar Power

Let the oldest source of energy brighten your lives a little more. What fuels life on the Earth, can be harnessed, stored, and used for a cleaner and sustainable lifestyle. ACME Group has built a solar portfolio of over 6.65 GWp. The company currently operates over 2.29 GWp of capacity with another 4.35 GWp under construction. These are spread across 13 states in India.


Sustainable Food

Food that is not just good for our health but also mother nature. ACME Group is championing a food ecosystem that leaves the environment less damaged and our plates more nutritious.

Fostering Innovation

Innovation is the key to an advanced society and economy. And innovative ideas aren’t born in boardrooms alone. ACME Group is receptive to the hundreds of ideas bubbling in today’s youth waiting to find a platform to shine.

As a company that thrives on innovation and a solution-driven approach, the ACME group is thrilled to extend its support to like-minded young businesses in need of funding, direction, connections, and the right market.

ACME has already been supporting two startups : -


Sustainable Water

ACME is generating solutions for water reclamation and reuse that help meet the present, ecological, social, and economic needs of the world. All the while preserving it for generations to come.